Things to Avoid While Choosing your Career

Written By : Asmaa Hussein
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Choosing and determining our career is considered as one of the crucial decisions that shall be studied well. It shapes not only our present life, but it also shapes our future life. That’s why one shall be careful while choosing and selecting his/her career.

Of course, it is cluster clear that one shall choose the field and the career that suits his skills and qualifications. Besides, this career shall have a place for self-improvement and promotion. On the contrary, do you ever think about the things that shall be avoided while choosing your future career? So, in the following few lines, Talents Hunters will tackle such important part.

1- Never let others to tell you what you shall do … In other words, you are the one and only decision-maker in anything concerning your future plans/career. As you are the one who will live and afford the whole consequences of such decision. So, you have to be accurate in it and choose something that you have passion towards it.

Besides, you have to bear in mind that we are different in characters and personalities. So, do not ever think about sticking to others’ footsteps as each one of us has his own passion and skills. That’s why, it cannot be that one decides instead of another.

2- Do not Go ONLY for money … Some people search for money and only money. Of course, money is totally important. But, one shall make a balance between money and choosing a career that can fulfil his goals.

3- Choosing a career only for the propaganda around it … While choosing your future career, one shall select the thing that matches his/her personality, values, interests, etc. This is a vital point that shall not be ignored as this will help you a lot in developing and improving yourself.


Choosing our future career is something too important as it forms our whole life. That’s why, we shall take our time while deciding and more importantly never let other to tell you what you shall do and what you shall not do.