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Things To Never Say – Interview Tips

Written By : Mostafa Megahed
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Job interviews can be challenging for some people while others find it quite interesting and easy. However one major aspect that Talents Hunters came across during its recruitment services in Middle East was that candidates tend to give statements that portray a negative impact on the overall performance of the interview.

An important thing to understand is that HR Mangers and recruiters usually try to observe the negative traits of an individual and ask questions that need to be answered cleverly. Here are a few interview tips that Talents Hunters recommends following during an interview:

I Want To Run My Business

This phrase shows that the candidate has an entrepreneurial mindset and that their ultimate goal is to have their own business. This negatively suggests that the employee might leave the job unannounced. Moreover there is uncertainty with regards to the motivation of an employee towards the work.

Asking The Recruiter “How did I perform in the Interview?”

We have come across many candidates who ask this question to the recruiter at the end of their interview. Now, two things can happen, either the recruiter says that the feedback is confidential or he will give you feedback which might include negative aspects of your interview.

The Use of ‘Like’ and ‘Emm’

This is an interesting interview tip to understand. Many candidates use these phrases within their conversation extensively. If it’s your first interview than it is understandable but if you are applying for a director or even senior level position than it’s a negative point. You have to be confident and speak fluently. Moreover these interjections can create problems with your tone and speaking style.

Asking the recruiter ‘What does your company do?’

Among the most important interview tips this one is very important. This is the worst question that any candidate can ask a recruiter in an interview. Every candidate is required to do some research on the company and job they are interviewing for. If you ask the recruiter the above mentioned question this will simply portray that you are either not interested or you are not prepared for the interview.

I don’t like to Work Alone

This phrase is again not recommended because these days’ companies prefer candidates that play well with others and like to work in teams. A person who tends to work alone is usually not recommended by the employers.

Here Is What You Need To Remember

A good HR Manger or recruiter wants to know more about your personality. They ask questions that try to highlight your negativities however you can always tackle such questions by giving real life examples to support your claims.

Talents Hunters always works towards the betterment of both employer and employees. We regularly offer interview tips to both employer and employees. We have a huge range of recruitment services and branch networks throughout the Middle East. Stay tuned to our blog and keep increasing your knowledge base.


Interviews can be very tricky, you don’t know what kind of question the recruiting officer is going to ask you the very next minute. Jobs interviews can give you an adrenaline rush but make sure you are really confident and prepared. Focus on the positive to get a positive result out of that interview.