What after quitting your job?

Written By : Dina Khalil
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During the daily routine in work and competing all the time, many employees start being not fond of their job, going to work as a daily routine, they don’t finish their tasks with passion; instead they finish it under pressure. But these feelings maybe not true! Yes sometimes daily routine and delayed tasks may causes depression and then we feel that it’s boring and we don’t want to work.

So you have to think well about what you really want to do, those tips may be useful:

  • Define what you really want. Some people work to proof themselves and gain experience, to build a career, other work to get a salary, and others work to escape from the circle of boredom.
  • Try to improve you performance and develop your work, add something new.
  • Challenge yourself, put challenges when doing your tasks and win it.
  • Get new experiences from your colleagues; learn from those who have more experience.
  •  Make your current job a shiny step in your resume.

But if you really think that your job doesn’t add anything to you career, and will not be useful for what you search for, you have to stop and re-think. Think about some steps before making a decision that you quit your job. The period between quitting your job and find another chance is really important, you have to revise your plan through the next steps:

  • Think about what you really want
  • Define your aim
  • Revise your resume
  • Search about what’s new in your field, keep pace with new developments.
  • Money is important too; try to know your value in the market and the salary of your position in different companies.

Working in a job you don’t like and doesn’t add anything to your career is a waste time but there are other sides you have to think about before quitting your job, the most important is to know what you really want to do.


Making a decision to quit your job is not easy during the competitiveness of the business market, so think well and put a plan with some steps which help you achieve your aim.